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We think of ourselves as being on your team—fighting the good fight against pests and helping you take control of your home again. From our friendly customer service to our technical expertise, we’re unlike any other pest control company. We’re here to help.

Kansas City Experts

Brandon G. Field Expert

My favorite hobby is going fishing. My favorite place to go locally is Worlds of Fun.

Caitlin C. Office Expert

I earned my degree from the University of Cincinnati and love playing video games.

Casey S. Owner · Branch Manager

I have a Juris Doctor degree and speak Mandarin Chinese, but feel my greatest personal achievement is every time I get my kids to eat dinner.

Emily B. Office Care Manager

I have a master's degree in Business Administration and my favorite film is Jurassic Park.

Gene J. Field Expert

My greatest personal achievement is raising my two wonderful daughters.

James J. Field Expert

I'm the first kid in my family to graduate college. I love working on cars and spoiling my nieces and nephews.

Jesus J. Field Expert

My favorite place to go in town is the "K" stadium, but I also love being out in nature and making art.

Kacey S. Owner · Project Manager

I’m a proud mother of three and hold a B.S. degree in Psychology.

Kaitlin C. Office Expert

I have a bachelor’s degree in acting. My favorite place to go locally is The K, Kauffman Stadium.

Kaylee S. Office Expert

I can sing word for word almost any 90’s country music song. And I know an absurd amount of college football trivia.

Kaylee S. Office Expert

I graduated from Kansas State University and my secret talent is being able to pop my shoulder out of socket.

Kyle W. Field Expert

I love playing guitar, but most people don't know I can also play the harp. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is my favorite local place to visit.

Lupe G. Field Expert

Something most people don't know about me is I'm a huge Stargate fan. My favorite place to hang out locally is Westport.

Mike C. Field Expert

I love bar-b-que and competitive auto racing.

Nick D. Field Expert

My favorite video game is Skyrim and I’m an above-average bartender. The Alamo Draft House is my favorite local hangout.

Sharon R. Office Expert

My favorite hobby is hanging out with my friends while we play video games or watch movies. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I’m currently working on my master’s degree.

Sydnei C. Office Expert

I have an associate degree in applied science and my favorite food is sushi.

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