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6 Scary Real-Life Super-Powers of Mice

What makes mice super-pests?       To answer that question, let’s break it down—first, taking a look at why we consider mice pests and second, what makes them super.        OK, everybody knows why mankind calls mice ‘pests’—they’re destructive to property and

When you hear the word termite, it probably makes you cringe. Termites can be the worst nightmare for a homeowner. Why? Termites cause more than $5 Billion in damage to homes annually. Since termites aren’t typically covered under insurance, it is no surprise that it

Grocery shopping is one of those things in life, that has to happen.      If you want food, you have to go to the store and get it. You spend time making a list, driving to the store, finding everything, driving back home, and putting

     Working at Joshua’s, we have two things that are really important for us:            1. Working hard to make sure all of our customers receive great customer service.            2. Playing hard to make sure all of our employees love their jobs!      One

     1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. This heartbreaking disease affects the lives of many people not only people diagnosed, but also their friends and families. With October being breast cancer awareness month, at Joshua’s Pest Control we wanted

We Love Halloween!      With Halloween around the corner, the preparations are in full swing! Our offices are decorated for the occasion and we’re ready for some spooky fun. I wanted to share a few insect themed crafts and snacks that you can bring to

     Our Community Care Manager has had the opportunity for the past few weeks to help tutor students at the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito. It’s an incredibly inspiring opportunity because each week over 40 children go to the Boys and Girls Club,

     Here at Joshua’s Pest Control, we’re happy to tackle any pest related issue and make sure we’re taking care of you and your home in the best possible way. Our licensed field and office experts, on staff etymologists and trucks filled with products are

     We talk a lot about bugs, DIY solutions and our community events, but what about what it’s like to work here?      In one word, it’s awesome.      We know the importance of working hard, but also playing hard. For example, in the office,

Our pest experts undergo rigorous and continual training in pest solutions.       It’s incredibly important to us that our Field Experts are always current on all procedures, policies and products that we use here at Joshua’s Pest Control. The Structural Pest Control Board of

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