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We’re more than a pest control company—we’re your neighbors. Every day, we work to make our community a better place, from fighting pests to doing volunteer work.

You’ll find we’re raising the bar in the pest control industry, because our business is about more than the bottom-line—it’s about helping people.

At Joshua’s, here are the values we hold dear and strive to uphold in every interaction:

Our Values

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Be Nice

We want to make our community a better place, and part of that is being a friendly, helpful neighbor. We believe small gestures can make a big difference. That’s why we smile often, work hard, and look for ways to make someone’s day


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Do the Right Thing

We’re ready to tackle any problem we might face with openness and honesty. In everything we do, we’re committed to making our customers feel happy, safe, and secure. That’s why our safety and ethical standards are so high.


Be the Solution

It’s an understatement to say we take pride in our work. We live by the motto: “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” That means we work diligently, efficiently, and happily.


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Keep Improving

It’s our goal to learn and seek improvement every day. We constantly raise our own expectations for ourselves. That’s why we have daily trainings, and it’s why we always try to leave things better than how we found them.


If you have additional questions about our company and how we can help you defend your San Diego home against pests, give us a call at: 858-547-9900

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At Joshua’s, customer care is not limited to a single a department. We’re experts at customer care and providing exceptional service

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