5 Easy Household Tips to Keep Pests Out

Keeping creepy crawlies away from your home and family is a priority, and having a regular pest control service certainly helps stop these uninvited house guests from taking up residence with you. There are also lots of small household maintenance tasks you can do to prevent pests in the first place. Here are five tips you can easily incorporate into your regular chore list right away:

1. Seal Cracks in Your Home

Not only does sealing cracks in your home make it more energy-efficient, this also helps prevent pests from getting in. Pests love finding little gateways into your home through baseboards, windows, sinks, pipes, and doorways that haven’t been properly sealed. You can purchase silicone caulk or caulking foam from a hardware store to seal up points of entry for pests. Just identify cracks in your home, clean the area, seal the openings, and clean the area afterwards. It’s surprisingly easy and very effective in preventing pest invasions.

2. Clean Up Clutter

We all have areas of our homes that tend to collect clutter. Stacks of newspapers, magazines, boxes, and paper bags make great hiding places for pests. Try to declutter your home daily so that pests don’t have anywhere to hide. Be aware that certain bugs can even burrow through paper bags and cardboard boxes, so you’ll want to inspect anything that’s been lying around for a while. Staying on top of clutter will greatly help reduce where bugs can hide in your home.

3. Put Away Pet Food

Any kind of food will attract pests—and that includes pet food. Most of us are pretty good about cleaning our kitchen and storing the food for humans, but many people tend to leave out food and water bowls for their pets. Bugs and other pests aren’t picky. They love to munch on pet food just as if it were human fare. Try to schedule your pets’ feedings and avoid leaving out pet food overnight. Properly storing pet food and limiting the time it’s out in the open will help keep pests at bay.

4. Check Bags and Boxes

Before you bring boxes or bags into your home, make sure to inspect them. If you keep holiday decorations, luggage, wrapping paper, or other storage boxes in your garage, give them a good once-over before bringing them into your home. Like we mentioned earlier, pests can be very sneaky and burrow through paper bags or boxes. There may not be outward signs of pest infestation, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hiding in storage boxes. Taking a few extra seconds to inspect packages before bringing them into your home can save you lots of time—and headaches—later.

5. Regularly Inspect the Garage

Garages tend to collect boxes, storage, and clutter, already making them a tantalizing place for pests. On top of that, garages are also gateways to the outside, often having unsealed cracks or holes around the garage door and windows. This means your garage is a potential hotspot for pests. Try to regularly inspect your garage for signs of insect and rodent invasion, especially near entry points or places where you might have clutter. Garages make a great place for pests to hide and eventually find an entry point to your home. Stay alert.

Simple household chores can help battle pests and prevent them from entering your home. For more preventative tips to keep pests away from your abode, check out our resources on preventative pest measures in your kitchen.