DIY Halloween Projects

We Love Halloween!

With Halloween around the corner, the preparations are in full swing! Our offices are decorated for the occasion and we’re ready for some spooky fun.

I wanted to share a few insect themed crafts and snacks that you can bring to your next Halloween party.

Trick or treat? Or Both?- Lollipop Spiders are the perfect treats to hand out to the little ones. All you need is a lollypop, 4 pipe cleaners, and 2 googly eye stickers. Just twist the legs around the neck of the lollypop in the shape of spider legs and stick on the eyes and you’re done.

lollypop spider craft treat

How-to-Make-Lolly-pop-Spiders LINK

Thirsty Anyone?- Gummy Worm Punch is the perfect drink for any Halloween themed party. Pick up some green Fruit Punch, Sprite or 7up, and gummy worms. Add a couple scoops of your favorite sherbet for a yummy float or score bonus points by making wormy-ice:  A few hours before serving, pour some of the punch and soda mixture into a muffin pan, drop a worm or two into each of the pan’s cups, and set in the freezer. Remove the pan when you’re ready to serve your punch and you’ll have fun ice blocks to serve with the punch!

Gummy-Worm-Punch LINK

Ooey, Gooey, Worms-Maybe you don’t want to eat regular bugs, but these worms you may want to slurp right up. Simply take the gelatin mixture add some whipped cream, then pour the mixture into straws. Pop them in the refrigerator and once they are done, squeeze them into a bowl of crushed Oreos to look like dirt. Or drop them on a delicious Oreo Dirt Cake.

Jelly-Worms-Oreo-Dirt LINK

Oreo-Dirt-Cake LINK

Don’t walk through that web!- Create these awesome webs to hang around your home! All you need to do is blow up a balloon, coat some string in glue and wrap it around the balloon. After you’ve let it dry, pop the balloon and hang some fake spiders on on your creepy webs. Perfect for your desk at work or to hang  around your house or on your patio.

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