Summer is Here!

Summer is upon us!

     We love summer. With fireworks, festivals, backyard barbecues, friends and family visiting, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, the bugs also love summer. Every single year, with the warmer weather, comes more bugs. That means more ants and spiders trying to get inside of your home. Here at Joshua’s, our job is to control the bugs and keep them out of your house. But we’ll need your help. If you start to notice bugs popping up, just give let us know. One of our friendly office team members would love to send over a licensed Field Expert out to keep your home protected.


     Even if you received your regular maintenance service a few weeks ago, but you’re noticing bugs, give us a call. We offer free warranty services for your property in between your regular services. Because we know this summer you may need us to come back out to take care of any pesky pets you may be noticing. As always, give the product about 2 weeks to take affect so it can get through take full effect. Spiders are especially tricky because they can rebuild their webs incredibly fast, and they tip-toe over the products. Ants are difficult to treat because if they feel threatened, they may make a new queen and build an extended colony somewhere else. This is why, if after two weeks, you’re not noticing a difference, give us another call so we can come back out. We’re committed to taking care of your pest problem, and we’ll come out as many times as needed to make sure it’s solved.

     Thank you so much for choosing Joshua’s and have an awesome summer!