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Wasp Nest Removal

Joshua’s Pest Control takes appropriate measures to remove these pests and protect your home from future infestations.

Wasps create a dangerous situation when they set up camp near your home. The term “wasp” actually describes over 100,000 species of winged insects, but we’re most familiar with the species that resembles bees. Unlike bees, wasps will not die after using their stingers, so they can sting repeatedly. Wasp nest removal is necessary to eliminate large colony infestations.

Scorpions are arachnids, so they possess eight legs along with a pair of grasping claws—but they are most recognized by their narrow, segmented tails, topped with a venomous stinger. Scorpions live in almost every climate and terrain, and their stings can be painful or life threatening for children, pets, or those with allergies. You might encounter an outlier scorpion from time to time, but if you suspect a problem, scorpion pest control is a necessity.

Centipedes get their name from Latin, roughly translating to “hundred feet.” Despite the name, centipedes can actually have as few as 20 to over 300 legs. Centipedes possess venomous, pincer-like appendages that can pierce human skin. Unlike their harmless millipede cousin, a centipede’s venom can cause various symptoms, including severe pain, swelling, headache, nausea, and anxiety—making centipede control imperative if you suspect an infestation.

Joshua’s Pest Control provides Southern California customers with high-quality pest solutions. Wasp, scorpion, and centipede control are especially important if you are allergic or have children. Contact us immediately if you suspect an infestation from any of these harmful pests.

Silverfish Earwigs & Cricket Control

Silverfish are wingless insects that gained their name from their fishlike shape and shiny, scale-covered bodies. They are nocturnal and typically inhabit moist, humid areas, which is why homeowners often need silverfish control in the bathroom, basement, attic, and/or garage. They don’t bite or sting but they have quite an appetite. Their diet mainly consists of carbohydrates, including starches and dextrin, which can unfortunately be found in paper, photos, some paints, plaster, book binding,glue, carpet, and clothing—i.e. your home presents a great feast!

Earwigs possess the infamous sharp forceps on their abdomens for defense and capturing prey. Contrary to popular belief, earwigs don’t actually crawl into people’s ears. Their main diet consists of small insects and decaying matter, not the insides of the human ear. However, earwigs can cause considerable damage to fruit and vegetable crops, which is why earwig control is often needed in the garden.

Crickets are known for their rhythmic chirping, and like their grasshopper cousins, have powerful hind legs for jumping. Unlike grasshoppers, crickets are only active during the night. They are omnivorous insects and are known to eat their own dead when no other food sources are available. Crickets won’t harm humans, but they feed on plants and seeds outside, and clothing, drapes, and upholstery inside the home. They are especially attracted to fabrics containing organic materials, like cotton. For these reasons, homeowners often require cricket control both inside and outside of the home.

Joshua’s Pest Control employs gentle but effective solutions to ensure that your home and family are safe while your pest problem is eliminated. If you need help with silverfish, earwig, or cricket control, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Gophers refer to several types of animals that like to burrow underground. These include gophers, moles, ground squirrels and species of prairie dogs. They are usually brown with soft, fine fur, tiny ears, small eyes, short tails and long, hard front teeth. They like to create complex underground tunnels and they eat roots, grass, shrubs, plants and trees. While they are not harmful to humans, gophers can cause damage to lawns, gardens and trees.

Joshua’s Pest Control can help you protect your garden and property from gophers with the most effective program suited to your environment.

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