Argentine Ants Are Invading San Diego!

  Southern Californians are having big problems with ants in their homes and gardens, and none are so troublesome as the invasive Argentine ant. Why so troublesome? Well, it turns out that these pests tend to form what biologists call … Continue reading

Bad Bugs: The Outlaws of Summer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Tips for Pest Management during Your Summer Camping Trips

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Summer and Springtime Pests in SoCal

Spring and summer signal new beginnings. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, new creatures are born, and life begins anew. Along with all of this new life comes some more unwelcome activity as unwelcome critters find their way into your picnics, sporting … Continue reading

6 Creepiest Bugs in the World

There are an estimated 10 quintillion—that’s 10 followed by 18 zeroes—individual insects in the world. That’s an amazing amount, especially considering there are only about 7 billion humans on earth. We’ve outlined 6 bugs that put “creep” in creepy-crawly—which one … Continue reading

How to Identify a Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse. Even the name alone has an ominous ring to it, but how can you be sure if the spider hiding in the deep shadows of your basement steps is the venomous beast or not? Knowing what is, and … Continue reading

How to Prevent Pesky Ants

Ants are one of the most pervasive creatures in the world. Every landmass on the globe—with the exception of the Arctic, Antarctica, and some isolated islands—has at least one indigenous ant species. Thanks to their great populations and small size, … Continue reading

8 Deadly Insects [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are deadly insects all around the world, but deadly insects aren’t isolated in the globe’s exotic regions — some of them are found right in our own backyards. This infographic illustrates some of the deadliest insects you can find in … Continue reading

5 Deadly Insects from Around the World

The world is filled with insects of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them are, dare we say, “cute”—think ladybugs and butterflies. Others, like the ones on this list, are the unsavory characters of the pest world. What’s the … Continue reading

3 Dangerous U.S. Spiders

  Whether you’re out in the wilderness or in your home, you’re never that far away from a spider. Spider control is extremely important because of the health risks spiders create, and the fact that it takes more to treat for them … Continue reading