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4 Unexpected, Dangerous Truths About Cockroaches

Most of us don’t want to spend much time thinking about cockroaches. They’re downright creepy. But besides being gross looking, cockroaches can be very dangerous, spreading disease and triggering allergic reactions. You may think you’re far from any cockroaches, but the National Pest Management Association

When uninvited pests invade our homes, the kitchen is very often the first place we see them. We all know why… food. Bugs are constantly on the hunt for food and water sources, and certain habits can turn your kitchen into the perfect pest paradise.

There are few pests bold enough to not only invade your home, but also use you and your family as their food source. Fleas are one of the most common types of these invaders. We believe it is simply unacceptable for them to so brazenly

It’s back-to-school season and with that comes the return of never-ending school lunch preparations. Packing lunches can be both boring and tough. When kids are off at school, they seem to only eat the parts of their lunch that they want…even though you lovingly packed

Did you know that using the wrong product to treat for an ant species can make the problem worse? It’s true! Some ants respond to baits while others respond to sprayed products. In fact, the wrong kind of product can accidentally barricade the ants inside

We know that your furry friends are part of the family. Through thick and thin, your animal companion is always by your side. That’s why, as a pet owner, you take your pet’s health seriously. What you might not know is that pest control is

Here’s the deal: just having a yard increases pest activity around your home. Bugs eat and nest in organic matter, and unless your yard is composed entirely of synthetic turf, it’s going to be home to some kind of a pest population. It’s unavoidable. Having

All pest names seem a little bit sinister, but the thought of an “earwig” gives us the creeps before we even see the crawlies. Earwig means “ear creature”, and the name itself almost sounds threatening—as though the bugs will inevitably end up inside your head!

You’re about to have some friends over for a BBQ in your backyard, but some ants show up to crash the party. Naturally, you call a pest control company to come do a one-time service. Problem solved, right? That’s how most people think about pest

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