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Spider control is extremely important here in San Diego, especially with the warm weather and desert like conditions. Our homes can easily be overrun by poisonous Black and Brown Widows when you live without spider pest control. Brown Widows are actually far more dangerous than the often talked about Black Widows. They breed very quickly in and around our homes, laying multiple egg sacks that are small, tan, and covered in spikes. Brown Widows are overtaking other spider species, and it is very important to treat for them (and other spiders) as soon as you see one.

Here at Joshua’s Pest Control, we take great care to get rid of spiders for our customers. We understand that spiders step over a lot of products with their long legs, and it takes more to treat for them verses insects. Arachnids breathe in products differently from insects as well, so we understand that spider control in San Diego homes can be a very difficult process. This is why we proudly offer warranty services for our customers dealing with spiders! Give us a call now to learn more about spider pest control!

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