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Mouse and Rat Extermination

Finding mice or rats in your home is never fun. These rodents are very fast breeders and they will chew through wires and walls, destroying electronics and damaging your home. Rats can even fit through holes the size of a quarter, and a mouse can squeeze through holes the size of a dime! When it comes to mouse extermination, it’s good to remember that mice are very curious, and they will normally go to the traps much faster than rats. Rats on the other hand are far more cautious than mice. They avoid new objects and are very aware of any changes in their environment.

Rodent removal is a very long process, one that requires patience and communication with the technicians at Joshua’s Pest Control. We want to get rid of rats and mice as quickly as possible for you, and we will need your help in rodent-proofing your home. Things to watch for are food or water that is sitting out, bird feeders, pet food, and other materials that could provide harborage for the rodents such as paper, cardboard, or cotton. If you are seeing mice or rats, please on of our rat extermination specialists so we can set up a day to begin the extermination process.

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