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Flea & Tick Control

As a pet owner, the worse thing you can ever find is fleas in your home and on your dog or cat. Fleas survive on blood, so unfortunately they will torment your pets and family until flea control takes place.  These pests quickly spread from yard to yard, so even with out a dog or cat you can still find yourself in need of flea removal. The process to kill fleas can be a long one. Fleas will lay eggs in your carpet that will lie dormant for extended periods of time. Usually, what will cause the eggs to hatch is heat or vibrations, so it’s a good idea to vacuum very thoroughly before we come to your home.

Flea control in San Diego is very important to us here at Joshua’s Pest Control. We take pride in taking care of your family, home, and pets! We understand how difficult the process can be to get rid of fleas at times.  We hope to make the flea and tick control process quick and easy! Give us a call to set up an interior or exterior flea service now. We also provide flea control in Oceanside and other parts of north county and Riverside county as well.

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