3 Things You Should Do if You Have Pets and Pest Control

One of the biggest questions we get at Joshua’s Pest Control is whether we can treat homes with pets. We’re here to set the record straight: yes, our pest control services will get rid of bothersome pests while still protecting your family—beloved animals included. These three simple steps are crucial for ensuring that your pest control is well-suited for pets and isn’t harmful.

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How to Keep Pets Protected While Your Exterminator Performs Their Services

1. Tell Your Pest Control Company about Your Pets

When you sign up for pest control, make sure to tell your service about any pets or animals in your home, including birds, fish, lizards, cats, dogs, or any other furry (or scaly!) friends. At Joshua’s, we add those details to your customer profile so your field expert gets an automatic reminder of the type and number of pets before each service. This notice and planning allows us to keep an eye out for your pets and make sure we don’t treat an area if we see your pet roaming free and customize treatments as needed.

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2. Keep Your Pets away During Treatment

At Joshua’s Pest Control, we recommend keeping your pets away from areas of your home during pest control treatment. For example, if your home is being treated outside, we recommend putting any cats or dogs inside or in a kennel until the treatment is over and our products are dry (typically around 20 to 30 minutes if the sun’s out).

Similarly, if we treat the inside of your home, you should place pets outside or put them in a room that won’t be treated—again, just until our bug-fighting products are dry. We care about your pets, so we use extra precautions to ensure we keep everyone safe and sound.

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3. Do Your Part to Help Protect Your Pets

Pest control can help protect your pets from the harm and annoyance that pests bring, but you can also take steps to prevent pests from assailing your lovable animals in the first place. Regularly clean your pet’s bedding, time your pet’s feedings so you don’t leave food out all day, inspect your pets when they come indoors, vacuum daily, and treat your pet for fleas when they crop up. While these chores may be little, they cumulatively help your home stay pest free and your pets healthy and happy.

For more information about how pets can affect your pest control service or for questions about specific pets or situations, contact Joshua’s Pest Control so one of our friendly office experts can walk you through any concerns. Pets are family, and we want the best for all members of your family!