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Should I Skip My Pest Maintenance Service?

We’ve reaching that time in winter—the excitement for cold weather and hot chocolate has worn off and everyone is in grin-and-bear-it mode until spring. Winter always has unexpected  ups and downs, and this year was no different. Even pest activity fluctuates unpredictably during the winter.

In the same way that manicures aren’t just about nice-looking nails and car washes aren’t just about clean cars, pest control isn’t just about getting rid of bugs. When people get manicures, they get priceless boosts in their confidence and mood. When people get car

Mice and rats are a year-round nuisance, but they tend to get more devious in the winter. As temperatures drop and moisture disappears, your not-so-friendly neighborhood rodent population flees from their outdoor dwellings to your warm garage, basement, attic… you name it. The point is,

Did you know that there is actually an index ranking the relative pain of bug bites? To develop it, entomologist Dr. Justin Schmidt subjected himself to over 83 stings and bites from various bugs on purpose. To each his own, we suppose. The index, called

Now that winter vacation is over, kids have returned to the hotbed of germs and illness we commonly call school. For most infections, you can’t do much more to prevent them other than vaccinate and pump everyone with vitamin C. Fortunately, there’s a little more

Fear and anxiety are part of being human. We are supposed to be afraid of things. These familiar—albeit unpleasant—feelings are as much a part of who we are as our hearts or kidneys. It’s a good thing, too—fear (and the fight-or-flight response it inspires) has

Winter is finally in full swing, and so is our quest to stay warm. When the weather turns colder, we go from lying by the pool to lounging under a warm blanket. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones to search for heat indoors—the bugs do,

We’ve all had run-ins with them, but silverfish aren’t talked about a whole lot. Unlike more formidable pests, you might literally never think of silverfish… until you have to. It is winter, so it’s highly possible that moment is now. Silverfish prefer warm, humid environments—so

The vast majority of our lives are strings of simple, often forgettable moments. Problem is, most of us seem to define our lives by the “big” moments. We (quite literally) don’t think this adds up. We’re surrounded by so many awesome things every day. If

There’s no point in sugar coating it… spiders are the worst. Granted, most bugs are unsettling. But between their eight legs, unnatural lateral movement, and eight eyes, spiders take the cake for most shivers down the spine. Most of us may instinctively dislike spiders’ appearances,

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