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3 Gross Facts About Silverfish

We’ve all had run-ins with them, but silverfish aren’t talked about a whole lot. Unlike more formidable pests, you might literally never think of silverfish… until you have to. It is winter, so it’s highly possible that moment is now. Silverfish prefer warm, humid environments—so

The vast majority of our lives are strings of simple, often forgettable moments. Problem is, most of us seem to define our lives by the “big” moments. We (quite literally) don’t think this adds up. We’re surrounded by so many awesome things every day. If

There’s no point in sugar coating it… spiders are the worst. Granted, most bugs are unsettling. But between their eight legs, unnatural lateral movement, and eight eyes, spiders take the cake for most shivers down the spine. Most of us may instinctively dislike spiders’ appearances,

Keeping creepy crawlies away from your home and family is a priority, and having a regular pest control service certainly helps stop these uninvited house guests from taking up residence with you. There are also lots of small household maintenance tasks you can do to

For most of us, Halloween is a fun holiday full of spooky decorations, wacky music, and costume drama with your kids. Light-hearted Halloweens are a good time, but sometimes it can be fun to get into the creepiness of the season as well. If you’re

One of the biggest questions we get at Joshua’s Pest Control is whether we can treat homes with pets. We’re here to set the record straight: it’s absolutely possible for us to get rid of bothersome pests while still protecting your family—beloved animals included. These

Most of us don’t want to spend much time thinking about cockroaches. They’re downright creepy. But besides being gross looking, cockroaches can be very dangerous, spreading disease and triggering allergic reactions. You may think you’re far from any cockroaches, but the National Pest Management Association

When uninvited pests invade our homes, the kitchen is very often the first place we see them. We all know why… food. Bugs are constantly on the hunt for food and water sources, and certain habits can turn your kitchen into the perfect pest paradise.

There are few pests bold enough to not only invade your home, but also use you and your family as their food source. Fleas are one of the most common types of these invaders. We believe it is simply unacceptable for them to so brazenly

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