The Joshua’s Difference

The Joshua’s Difference

In the same way that manicures aren’t just about nice-looking nails and car washes aren’t just about clean cars, pest control isn’t just about getting rid of bugs. When people get manicures, they get priceless boosts in their confidence and mood. When people get car washes, they invest in protecting their cars from weather and long-term damages.

When people sign up for pest control services, they get peace of mind knowing their families are protected and they can feel comfortable in their own homes.

When you sign up for pest control, you aren’t just trying to get rid of some pesky ants—you’re trying to make your daily life better. We understand this better than anyone. In fact, our overall company objective isn’t even pest control… it’s to improve the quality of life for our customers, team, and community.

It’s this distinction that makes Joshua’s an easy choice. Yeah, we’ll definitely provide you with a rockin’ pest control service. But we’ll also add unparalleled value to your community and your life—here’s how:


joshua's field expert with woman

Being Nice

If this sounds like obvious common decency to you—it should!

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to be nice simply because everyone deserves kindness. Everyday kindness is healing, and genuine, meaningful communication strengthens society from individuals outward.


Building a better world begins with treating each other better. Whether we’re taking extra time with a customer, reaching out to a new coworker, or helping a neighbor move, we are devoted to making every interaction count.


joshua's employees

Doing the Right Thing

Our commitment to our customers isn’t simply to provide a certain number of services; it’s to actually get rid of bugs. To that end, we include as many additional services as necessary and address new issues as they arise.

Not only do we take our promise to eradicate pests very seriously, we do so by putting your needs first. Namely, we exceed safety standards and work closely with you to customize your treatment plan, ensuring the health of your home and family.

Beyond pest control, we are fundamentally a part of our community. As community members, it’s our proud responsibility to make it a better place for everyone to live—not just for our customers. Through donations and service projects, we personally invest ourselves into our neighborhood.


joshua's employee

Being the Solution

We believe that with dedication any issue can be resolved, and while others are mere problem solvers… we are solutions. Instead of hoping answers are possible, we’ve already decided they exist and that we will find them.

We adopt this as our approach both to pest control and to life, using our mindset to tackle tricky treatment obstacles as well as improvements in the world around us. We can’t help it—our optimism shines through in all aspects of our lives.


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Always Improving

Everyone and everything in this world has room for improvement, and we think that’s thrilling. We’re energized by our daily opportunities to progress as pest service professionals and as people. We believe our constant pursuit to be better is what makes us the best.

Everyone at Joshua’s attends training daily. This means that absolutely everyone you come into contact with from Joshua’s is a certified expert—unheard of anywhere else in the industry. Thus, when we say we’re the best pest service, we don’t just believe it… we know it.

But, we also know that pest control was never just about getting rid of your bugs. So… when you’re ready to banish pests, improve your community, and better your life, give us a call. We’re all in this together.