Tips to Find the Right Pest Control Company

Tips to Find the Right Pest Control Company

Pest control is a tricky business.

With the ever-growing prevalence of invasive insects and critters in San Diego, it takes a special pest control company to help you keep the nuisances at bay. But how can you tell when a local pest control company is the right one for you?

Here’s a quick rundown of the services that all great pest control companies should provide their customers. After all, the trickier the business, the more tricks the business should have up its sleeve.


All Insects are not Created Equal

Any run-of-the-mill company can kill a bunch of ants and cockroaches and call it a day. But there are literally hundreds of different species of pests surrounding us at all times. And year after year, new insects find a home in the U.S. by way of hitching a ride with tourists and those who immigrate here.

An average company can come to your home to remove a wasp nest. The good technicians, though, will identify other, less obvious problems while they’re there. It takes a really great exterminator to recognize some species without actively looking for them. And it takes really great exterminators to build the right pest control company.

  • Silverfish and earwigs – These often-overlooked pests don’t cause direct damage to humans, but they will eat you out of home and garden. Silverfish feast on paper products like photographs, books and wallpaper and are often found eating away at your heirlooms in the basement or attic. Earwigs will destroy vegetable gardens quickly due to their voracious appetite.
  • Mouse and rats – Homeowners can go many weeks before realizing that mice have taken up residence in the attic. Call the right pest control company, though, and they’ll catch on immediately and begin the extermination or relocation process as soon as possible.

Even if you aren’t sure what types of pests you have but call for an exterminator anyway, the right pest control company will identify these lesser-known problems as well as the obvious ones. If you call a sub-par company that cares only about getting it done and going home, you could end up paying more money down the road.

Pest control is an industry like construction, for example, where the small details matter just as much as the large problems. To get the job done right, a well-rounded approach is necessary.

Everyone likes Options

These days, pest control is more than just spraying around the border of your home. There are all kinds of ways to treat infestations, especially in a progressive area like San Diego. Here are some treatment options the right pest control company will provide:

  • Organic pest controlOrganic pest control rids your home of pests. Organic pest control uses only natural methods of eradication. By using organic pest control, you’ll keep those pathogen-carrying insects and rodents out.
  • Commercial service – A solid pest control company with truly professional technicians won’t shy away from a big job at a local business. If your terminator will handle that big warehouse and the small coffee shop in the same day, then they’re a great fit for your home as well.
  • Education – Bad pest technicians come in, do a job, and don’t say as much as three words to you aside from, “Where’s the check?” The right pest control company will help you understand ways to prevent future infestations at no extra charge. It’s called being a caring, neighborly pest control company.


A premium pest control company can charge you an arm and a leg just to get rid of the things that cause harm and have eight legs. But the right pest control company will provide premium services at an affordable price, and that includes free service quotes, free inspections, and longer-than-the-a-bug’s-life warranties. Better yet, an outstanding company will offer coupons on top of those low prices in addition to special seasonal services like termite control and mosquito prevention.

Local Technicians, Global Knowledge

San Diegans experience unique pest problems that differ from other areas in the country. For that reason, you want pest control technicians that know the local scene better than anyone else. The right pest control company takes great pride in their local knowledge, friendly technicians, and honest business practices. Not only that, but the right pest control company has a breadth of knowledge that expands beyond the pests that generally occupy an area. The right pest control company is committed to the health of your family and the quality of life within the community.


Photo Credit: Steve Jurvestson