Brushing Away Spiderwebs, Wasp Nests, & Mud Dauber Nests

Nobody Likes Walking Into a Spiderweb.

Spider-Spiderweb San Diego     It’s Monday morning, and you’re a little groggy from the fun-filled weekend you had. The coffee pot is acting weird, but you finally get it to work and fill your mug. You throw on an outfit and realize you’re running a little behind. You grab your coffee, purse, and keys and head out the door. After locking up, you turn around and walk right into a spiderweb. After a lot of arm flailing, some coffee spilling and a thorough search for the spider that very possibly could have gone down your collar, you get in the car and take off.

Does this seem like a familiar scene at your home?

Whether you’re due for your next regular maintenance or if you just had it done a few weeks ago and need a free return service, webs can pop up quickly we want to come out and take care of you and your home.

Warm weather means more spiders laying egg sacs, which means there will be more spiders and inevitably more webs. Spiders can rebuild their webs within minutes, because they are always trying to make sure they can eat for the day. On top of that, wasp and mud dauber nests can pop up in less than a week. we’re here to help take those nuisances away.

As part of your regular service, your Field Expert circles your home removing unsightly spider-webs, wasp nests, and mud dauber nests from eaves, overhangs, and door and window frames. We have an incredibly long, two-story web pole that we use around the house in addition to getting the webs along your fence-line, playground equipment, and patio furniture.

It can be really challenging to get every single web, because those spiders are tricky and like to hide and sometimes the way the light hits the web you don’t notice it (just like you didn’t before you ran into it), but we inspect and sweep to get all the webs and nests we find. If you don’t want your house to look like it’s ready for Halloween in the middle of summer, give us a call and we’ll come out to take care of those webs, and more importantly those spiders along with the wasps and mud daubers.

San Diego Spider Pest Control