A Great Place to Work

A Great Place to Work

     We talk a lot about bugs, DIY solutions and our community events, but what about what it’s like to work here?

     In one word, it’s awesome.

     We know the importance of working hard, but also playing hard. For example, in the office, we honored the Olympics, by competing in our own office Olympics. Everyone got to draw a flag to determine which country they would be, then each day we would take a few minutes in training to compete in an Olympic themed feat. We threw paper plates to represent the discus throw, we race walked to imitate track and field, we dropped ping pong balls into cups to represent diving and we even did rhythmic gymnastics. It was a lot of fun and a lot of friendly competition. The winners received bronze, silver and gold medals along with prizes catered to their personal interests.

     In Office Care, we also take advantage of any special occasion to throw a pot-luck lunch or dress up in costume. We love Halloween so we’ve tried to find ways to sprinkle it throughout the year. We’ve celebrated dress-up days for St. Patrick’s Day, Flashback Friday, where we get to dress up in your favorite time period, and Movie Day, where we can dress up as a character from our favorite movies.

     The Filed Experts have their own fun. They’ve had many incentives where the prizes have been group BBQ’s, steakhouse lunches and even paint-balling. We’ve also been known to have company-wide game days, where we get to play board games and socialize with everyone from all our different departments.


     Our entire team is also able to come together for Community Care projects, when Joshua’s contributes to a worthwhile charity or community organization. Small groups of Joshua’s employees are volunteering every week and every month our entire team is given the opportunity to come together for a company-wide charity event. We’ve cleaned up the San Diego River and Solana Beach, prepared food at Ronald McDonald House, Organized donations at the San Diego Food Bank and every day we’re looking at new ways to give back to our community. It’s easy to feel good about the place we work when we can take pride in the contributions we are able to make.

     It’s truly amazing coming to work and knowing everyone wants to work hard towards the end goal: make people happy. All of us are continually training and learning about pest control and service. We’re always trying to find new ways to make someone’s day co-workers, customers and anyone we might meet. Friendly competition based on workplace metrics keeps everyone striving to do their best. We seek to hire people who are friendly and like the type of work that we do, which is why you can always hear us smiling on the phones and see us smiling at the doors. We enjoy what we do, because working for Joshua’s is more than just going to work. It’s fun. We count on one another to work together as a team and make sure we get the job done. We love working for Joshua’s and we love being your friendly experts!

     If you might be interested in joining our team, please check out our Careers Page.