We Train Daily to Better Take Care of You

We Train Daily to Better Take Care of You

Our pest experts undergo rigorous and continual training in pest solutions.

It’s incredibly important to us that our Field Experts are always current on all procedures, policies, and products that we use here at Joshua’s Pest Control. The Structural Pest Control Board of California licenses all of our Field Experts and they are all working toward earning even higher licensing and accreditation so we can make sure that we have the best possible people at your home. Every morning our Field Care team meets for a minimum of 20 minutes to have a training led by our Field Care Managers. We even have an Associate Certified Entomologist in-house to answer some of the tougher questions about identifying pests.

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In addition to our daily meetings, every few months, we dedicate an entire day to training and thoroughly reviewing the treatment techniques and products for any pests that we may encounter at your home. At the most recent training day, we discussed safety and specific products and procedures for inspecting and treating spiders and ants, how to properly granulate for burrowing pests, and how to treat mounds with gophers. Also, because many of our customers require interior treatment for things like fleas, cockroaches or pantry moths, we refreshed our Field Experts on the most up-to-date and effective methods to provide treatment for those pests, including crack and crevice services for pantry pests. These collaborative meetings provide valuable insights for many of our Field Experts because we are able to trade techniques and tips learned throughout our many varied years of experience treating houses all over San Diego.

It’s our goal to be the most thoroughly trained and tested experts in our field in order to provide the best service around and our continual training and review helps to keep our team at the top of our game.