4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy and Pest-free

4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy and Pest-free

We know that your furry friends are part of the family. Through thick and thin, your animal companion is always by your side. That’s why, as a pet owner, you take your pet’s health seriously. What you might not know is that pest control is a big part of your pet’s health. The good news is that there are four simple steps you can take to help protect your pets from pests such as fleas, rodents, spiders, and more.

1. Clean Your Pet’s Bedding

This may seem like a no-brainer, but regularly washing your pet’s bedding will not only help keep your space clean, but it will help prevent and treat fleas. If your pet is bitten by a flea, it can cause him or her to suffer from itching, irritation, and rashes. Save your pets from this terrible experience by washing their bedding once a week to ensure they stay happy, safe, and pest-free.

person washing a dog

2. Use Flea Prevention Products

You can find a huge variety of flea prevention products for dogs and cats and easily incorporate them into your regular routine. Topical applications, collars, shampoos, powders, and bedding spray can help repel fleas and keep them from infesting your home and hurting your pet. Check with your veterinarian for specific recommendations or prescriptions for your furry friend. Preventative care is always better than reactive care. It’s easier to prevent fleas from cropping up in the first place than to banish them once they’ve already shown up.

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3. Time Your Pet’s Feedings

Pet food attracts hungry pests like cockroaches, mice, and rats to your home. On top of that, certain pests, such as pantry moths and carpet beetles, can be commonly found in pet food. Gross, right? To keep your pets safe and your home pest-free, begin by storing your pet food in an airtight container. Since pests can chew through paper and cardboard, a reusable plastic container is a great option for keeping food fresh and unwanted visitors out.


Scheduling your pet’s feeding time also helps reduce bugs. A feeding schedule for your pet limits the time your pet’s food is sitting around, making it harder for pests to come partake of the buffet—something both you and your pet will appreciate.

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4. Treat for Pests

Some people are nervous about spraying their home for ants, spiders, beetles, and other bugs because they’re worried their pets might be harmed by the products. Never fear! As long as your pet is safely inside when your home is being treated outside, or vice versa, your furry friend should be protected. You just want to keep your pets away from products while they dry. Since we want your pets to steer clear of rat and mice bait, your field expert will take precautions by putting the materials in pet-resistant housing and show you where they are placed. Having your home regularly treated by a pest control service is actually be a good thing for your pet because it protects both you and them from bugs and other pests.


If you’d like more advice for how to help keep your pets safe from fleas, spiders, and other pests, or if you’d like to learn more about the safety precautions Joshua’s Pest Control takes to ensure the health of your pets, give us a call!