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Pest Phobias: Are They Irrational?

Fear and anxiety are part of being human. We are supposed to be afraid of things. These familiar—albeit unpleasant—feelings are as much a part of who we are as our hearts or kidneys. It’s a good thing, too—fear (and the fight-or-flight response it inspires) has

Winter is finally in full swing, and so is our quest to stay warm. When the weather turns colder, we go from lying by the pool to lounging under a warm blanket. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones to search for heat indoors—the bugs do,

We’ve all had run-ins with them, but silverfish aren’t talked about a whole lot. Unlike more formidable pests, you might literally never think of silverfish… until you have to. It is winter, so it’s highly possible that moment is now. Silverfish prefer warm, humid environments—so

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