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Summer and Springtime Pests in SoCal

Spring and summer signal new beginnings. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, new creatures are born, and life begins anew. Along with all of this new life comes some more unwelcome activity as unwelcome critters find their way into your picnics, sporting events, backyards, and within the

Whether you’re out in the wilderness or in your home, you’re never that far away from a spider. Spider control is extremely important because of the health risks spiders create, and the fact that it takes more to treat for them verses insects. Contact a spider pest

Got ants? Termites? Rats in the attic? Cockroaches in the kitchen? How about bed bugs? It’s tempting to try to crush the invasion yourself, either with household ingredients or commercial baits, and the DIY approach can only work if you’ve got a small infestation and

San Diego County is home to a huge variety of plant and animal life. Unfortunately, some of that wildlife is dangerous to humans; and some of it is close to home. We’re talking about the eight-legged menaces of the arachnid world. The black widow, the

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