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Mosquito Control in San Diego

Out of the thousands of mosquito species globally, there are 27 known species in San Diego county. Especially concerning is that 9 of these species can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika, dengue, and yellow fever to people in this area.

That’s why residents of San Diego must learn ways to prevent mosquitoes from living and breeding near them. Read on for mosquito-prevention tips, and if you’d prefer instant help from professionals, contact us to receive timely mosquito control in San Diego.




How to Prevent Mosquitoes in San Diego

Since mosquitoes are life-threatening disease vectors that can transmit infections to people, it’s essential to take necessary preventive measures to avoid bites. Here are some actions you can take to discourage mosquitoes from infiltrating your home and yard.

Discourage Breeding

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. That’s why eliminating open pools of water is an effective way to reduce mosquito populations and infections. Start by draining stagnant water as much as possible outside your home. This includes turning over empty flower pots and containers that can fill up with water and removing tarps that may be collecting rain. If you keep water bowls outside for pets to drink, try using a fountain-style water dispenser so the water is constantly moving, making it unusable for mosquito breeding.

Seal Them Out 

Since mosquitoes are tiny and can fly, it’s pretty easy for them to find entry points into homes. You can combat this by making sure window screens are in good shape without any breaks or gaps and that you’re using weather stripping around windows and doors. Be sure to check these items at least once a year and replace or repair as needed.

Modify the Environment

Since the mosquito species most likely to be found around your home are weak flyers, they’re looking for shady places to rest between short flights. By keeping the areas around your home clear of tall grass, leaf litter, and thick vegetation, you eliminate these desirable mosquito habitats and reduce your chances of getting bit.

Use Fans 

Another way you can keep mosquitoes away is with oscillating fans. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, a large oscillating fan can blow back mosquitoes as they try to enter your home. Try placing fans on outdoor patios and decks and inside near windows and doors. A temporary fan placed outside can make a world of difference for your next outdoor dinner party!

Get Professional Mosquito Control 

If you’d like a hand protecting your home or business from mosquitoes, look no further than help from professionals. With a multifaceted approach that addresses all stages of the mosquito life cycle, we can help you reclaim the outdoors without the worry of being bitten.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

There are specific conditions that make homes and businesses in San Diego suitable habitats for mosquitoes. Some of them include:

Open pools of still water

Mosquitoes are looking for open water that isn’t flowing in which to lay their eggs. With numerous water features, backyard ponds, and unfiltered pools in San Diego, these pests can quickly reproduce and increase home infestations.

Clogged Gutters

When leaves and other debris block gutters, drainage systems get clogged, and the resulting stagnant water is enticing for mosquitoes looking to breed.

Unkept Yards and Lawns

Mosquitoes thrive in places with dense or tall vegetation. Overgrown foliage and unkept yards can grow quickly enough within just a few weeks to harbor pests. San Diego homes should maintain clean yards, lawns, and gardens to cut down on mosquito activity.

While mosquito season in San Diego can vary according to the exact species, mosquitoes are generally active beginning around early March and April. Most species are dormant during the winter months and re-emerge as temperatures get warmer. Be on the lookout as temperatures increase.

The peak time for mosquitoes is during the hot summer season. As temperatures get lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes start dying off or hibernating. The first frost is a reliable sign of the end of mosquito season.

We Can Remove Mosquitoes from Your San Diego Home or Business

Controlling small, dangerous pests like mosquitoes can be quite a hassle. If you’re ready to reclaim your backyard and enjoy San Diego’s outdoor living to the fullest, we’re here to help you remove mosquitoes from your home.