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San Diego Rodent Control 

Rodents like rats live outside and seek food in all kinds of places. If they enter your home, rodents can contaminate food, cause structural damage, and transmit disease. Implementing these DIY methods of rodent control in San Diego will help you keep these unwelcome pests away from your home. And for professional assistance, contact Joshua’s Pest Control for comprehensive rodent control inside and outside your home.




How to Prevent Rodents in San Diego 

Seal Entry Points

Rodents can fit through surprisingly small spaces to enter your home. So the first step in preventing rodents in San Diego homes and businesses is to seal off any openings that pesky rodents can fit through. Depending on the type of crack or crevice you’re sealing, you can use caulk, foam, or wire mesh.


Rodents are drawn to areas in which they can easily hide from homeowners and predators. That’s why they’re often seen scurrying around piles of clutter. By cleaning and organizing your home, you can discourage rodents from finding suitable nesting sites.

Store Food Properly

Food is a primary reason why rats and other rodents can infest your home. If you leave food or leftovers uncovered, rodents can easily access and contaminate them as they feed. Instead, be sure to keep food in sealed, heavy-duty containers (glass or strong plastic) and keep a lid on your trash can.

Plant Mint 

If you love to garden, try planting some mint near your home. Studies show that the scent of mint or peppermint can be effective in repelling rodents.

Get a Cat 

Here’s where the pet-lovers have an advantage. One way to eliminate rodents is to introduce a predator to the equation: enter cats. With a cat in your home, you can rest assured that they’ll be on patrol to catch any rodent invaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

San Diego homes can attract rodents because of several factors, including:

Ease of Access

Most rodents are both small in size and efficient climbers. This combination means they can easily find ways inside, often by climbing plants to find a way in. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out on shrubs and trees near your home. Rodents can use overhanging branches as a bridge to enter your space. Also, rats and mice don’t need an abundance of space to enter your house; all they need is a hole small enough to squeeze through, dime-sized or larger.

Warmth and Comfort

Like most mammals, rodents are instinctively drawn to places where they can find warmth and comfort. Since human homes are usually warm and have plenty of places to hide, they are very attractive to rodents.

Availability of Food and Moisture

Rodents are always on the search for food and water. Food that isn’t in sealed, air-tight containers can attract mice and rats. And don’t forget your pet’s bowl—rodents will quite happily eat pet food, so avoid leaving pet food out all day.

Water leaks and spills that aren’t addressed can also contribute to rodent infestations.

Rodents can be a year-round problem. They tend to infiltrate homes most often during colder times of the year and then return outside as temperatures warm. Outside, you’re most likely to see rodents in San Diego between August and the end of October.

We Can Remove Rodents From Your San Diego Home and Business

In the battle for control between you and the rodents seeking entry into your establishment, we’re here to help. Joshua’s Pest Control can provide a thorough pest-removal service that will solve your rodent infestation issues. Call us today so you can return to worry-free living. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to help you reclaim your home or business quickly and efficiently.