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San Diego Scorpion Control 

Scorpions are predators that eat various insects, spiders, and centipedes, with larger scorpion species even preying on small snakes, lizards, and mice. While scorpions live outside, they do invade San Diego homes and businesses.

Since these scary-looking creatures can deliver nasty stings, it’s essential to be aware of scorpion control methods in San Diego. With the information in this post, you’ll learn how to stop scorpions from entering your home, and if you need professional assistance, contact us for immediate help.




How to Prevent Scorpions in San Diego 

Cover Trash 

Scorpions in San Diego are carnivores that feed on other insects and smaller animals, so if you leave trash uncovered, you may be unintentionally attracting the very cockroaches, flies, and other critters that scorpions are looking for. That’s why covering trash is a crucial step in discouraging scorpions from coming inside and around your home. All it takes is a lidded trash can to avoid becoming a food stop for scorpions!

Get Rid of Rock Piles 

Scorpions tend to seek out cool, dark places like rock and debris piles. If you have these items in your yard, you run the risk of attracting scorpions. Instead, remove rock piles as much as possible. If you must have rocks on your property, relocate them to at least thirty feet away from your house perimeter to discourage scorpions from coming too close to your home.

Seal Off Openings 

While scorpions in San Diego vary in size, most of them are small enough to fit through tiny cracks or openings on the outer walls or foundation of your home. Use mortar or caulking to close these entry points and prevent scorpions from coming inside your house.

While you’re at it, be sure to seal the spaces under exterior doors and window frames using weather stripping. This will stop scorpions from squeezing in and infiltrating your home.

Relocate Woodpiles 

If you store wood outside your home for a fireplace, think twice about where you’re placing the stack. Woodpiles create the perfect cool, dark spaces that scorpions—not to mention other pests—love to nest in. The closer the woodpile is to your home, the more likely scorpions are to come inside. Move woodpiles away from your home’s exterior to discourage pests from invading.

Try Cinnamon 

You may already have a scorpion repellent on hand in your spice rack! Cinnamon has properties that make it effective at repelling scorpions from your home. All you need to do is sprinkle cinnamon powder in places where scorpions could gain easy entry into your home. This is a good organic option for people experiencing low levels of scorpion activity.

Shake Off Clothes and Shoes

One of the easiest ways for a scorpion to enter your San Diego home or business is by hitching a ride in on someone else. After walking around places where scorpions are active, be sure to shake off your clothes before going inside. And when putting on shoes, give them a quick shake first to dislodge any hiding scorpions.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

The climate is right for scorpions in San Diego county. Here are some of the things scorpions are looking for when it comes to making their home:


Scorpions eat the small insects and animals that scavenge for food inside homes. The more pests like flies and cockroaches in your home, the more likely a scorpion will come inside looking for a snack. To combat this, make sure you stay on top of pest control. By reducing prey populations, you can discourage the presence of the scorpions that feast on them.


Scorpions are attracted to water, so be on the lookout for moisture in your home. Cover water containers and clean spills promptly.


One of the reasons scorpions are often found under rocks or logs is because they like the dark. Scorpions prefer places without light, so the corners of basements and attics are particularly appealing to them. Be on the lookout for scorpions in these locations and use proper lighting so you can dispel these stinging pests.

Rotting wood and debris

Woodpiles and debris make great hiding places for scorpions. Keep stacks of wood away from your home’s exterior to prevent scorpions from coming inside.


Speaking of which, scorpions are attracted to cluttered environments. The dark nooks and crannies in a pile of shoes, gardening tools, or toys can be very attractive to these creatures, so organize regularly and keep areas tidy.

The hot, humid days of March through August are when scorpions are highly active in San Diego. Scorpion activity tends to increase as the temperatures do. It’s still important to be vigilant during the winter, however, since scorpions can enter homes in search of heat.

We Can Remove Scorpions from Your San Diego Home or Business. 

The most effective way to ensure your home and surroundings are clear of scorpions is to hire experts to remove these pests for you.

With help from Joshua’s Pest Control, you can rest easy without fear of getting stung by scorpions. Call us today for a timely solution to your pest problem and enjoy a friendly, reliable extermination experience.