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Snails are distinguishable by their shells which grow with them, and their slimy, mucus-covered bodies.

Slugs are similar to snails, only they often don’t have a shell and produce much more mucus to keep their bodies protected.

Both snails and slugs feed on leaves, stems, roots, and fruits of plants faster than the plants regenerate, making these gastropods a real danger to any garden. Slug and snail control is imperative to avoid completely depleting a home garden or larger agricultural project.

A good snail and slug control program requires a combination of landscaping modifications, baiting, and/or trapping.

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First, every effort must be made to decrease the environmental harborages where snails and slugs reside, including leafy foliage near the earth, loose stones or boards, weeds, etc. Since is impractical to remove all landscaping elements which contribute to a snail population, additional action can be taken with specialized baiting and/or trapping measures. Some snail and garden slug baits can be highly toxic, but Joshua’s Pest Control only uses organic iron phosphate baits which are friendly to use around people and animals, including birds and fish.

It is impossible to eliminate snails and slugs from a property entirely, but combining landscaping modifications to eliminate harborages with Joshua Pest Control’s expert baiting program, you can greatly reduce their populations and make ongoing snail and garden slug control a manageable endeavor.

Contact us today if snails and garden slugs are challenging your green thumb and wreaking havoc on your hard work.


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