Giving Back: Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito

Our Community Care Manager has had the opportunity for the past few weeks to help tutor students at the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito. It’s an incredibly inspiring opportunity because each week over 40 children go to the Boys and Girls Club, bring their homework and work on it before they head home for the evening. Many of the students may need a little bit of help reminding them how to do certain problems or explaining the directions in more detail. She said that it’s truly an amazing experience to watch something click in a student’s head, especially if it’s been a problem they have been struggling with. After the students have finished with their homework they have the chance to play a game in the gym, run off some steam outside or maybe even a quick game of dodgeball. This is important to the kids because it reminds them that while they need to get their school work done, they also need to remember to have fun. So often in school, kids are worried about the grades their going to get, the amount of homework they have or the test they have to study for. And while education and learning are extremely important pillars to a child’s young life, so is having fun. It’s amazing watching the kids build friendships and make connections over their similar interests. Our Community Care Manager will be tutoring for the rest of the year and she can’t wait to watch the student’s learn more and more as the year goes on.

Portrait of interested schoolkid reading book in the library