Joshua’s Expert Spotlight: Jason C.

Joshua’s Expert Spotlight: Jason C.

At Joshua’s, we strive to incorporate eight attributes in every interaction with every customer—we call these our Team Talents:

  • Genuine
  • Nice
  • Committed
  • Competent
  • Collaborative
  • Self-improving
  • Safety-minded
  • Respectful of Appearance and Property

These eight team talents are difficult to teach, which is why we seek out team members who embody them naturally. One person who exemplifies these characteristics is our Field Care Team Leader, Jason Carteron. In fact, Jason had the highest Team Talent score last year. To celebrate his accomplishment and thank him for his commitment and dedication, Joshua’s is sending Jason on a seven-day Alaskan cruise!

This August will mark Jason’s 11th year of working with Joshua’s Pest Control. He has both his Branch 2 Field Representative and Qualified Applicator’s license. We encourage all our team members to continue improving and support them in achieving their professional goals. Jason has taken this to heart, and it shows in his work. His qualifications and experience help him customize service for each property and customer he interacts with, ensuring their specific pest problems are addressed.

Jason is one of our highest-rated, most-requested Field Experts. When asked whether this has more to do with his extensive knowledge and expertise or his friendly and professional demeanor, Jason responded, “I think it’s a little bit of both. I think it’s the thorough service that I do provide for all those customers. I have built a lot of trust with them, to the point that they aren’t even [home when I come] anymore.” Our customers certainly agree. One of Jason’s many glowing reviews reads:

“He is always timely and does a thorough job each time he is here. Jason presents well [and] is articulate, courteous, and friendly. These attributes are important to me because it sheds a positive light on Joshua’s Pest Control as a reputable business in the service industry, something that is sadly lacking these days. I appreciate the reminder text message to let me know when Jason is arriving as well as the detailed service data he provides upon completion of the service.”

Daily training is something that we pride ourselves on here at Joshua’s. Staying committed to the pursuit of excellence in our field allows us to raise the bar each and every day. Jason plays a prominent role in this process by training our new Field Experts. He goes above and beyond to impart his wealth of knowledge and skills to them. Jason understands that investing time and effort in training is essential in ensuring that each expert embodies the same level of dedication and knowledge. With his patient and supportive demeanor, he takes the time to mentor and guide our new team members, instilling in them the company’s values and best practices. By nurturing their growth and empowering them with the necessary tools, Jason ensures that our new team members are well-equipped to deliver exceptional service and maintain the high standards we’re known for.

Beyond his work here at Joshua’s, Jason is an avid mountain biker, sports fan, and car enthusiast: “I like cars and stuff like that—old classics. So any car shows that are around, I’ll go and check out the things I can afford—[My favorite being a] ‘62 to ‘67 Nova.”

On and off the job, Jason represents the company culture here at Joshua’s by helping to improve the lives of our customers and community. Thank you, Jason, for all you do. Enjoy your cruise!