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Argentine Ant

The argentine ant is one of the most common species in the country. It is brown in color and is primarily a sweet eater. It is one of the most difficult ants to control because it has a tendency to set up multiple satellite colonies to ensure domination over a greater area. You can find these ants crawling around electrical outlets, kitchen counters and bathroom ceilings at any time of the year.


Fire Ant

Aggressive and venomous, fire ants will bite predators multiple times and can kill small wildlife or domestic animals. They can also eat through rubber wire insulation. When these guys bite it hurts! They are ¼-inch long and a dark-reddish color. Fire ants typically build mounds of earth in the yard.


Odorous Ant

These ants stink when you step on them. Odorous ants are brownish-red and about 1/10-inch long. They build colonies under rocks and inside walls. Each female can lay one egg per day and they can live several years.


Pavement Ant

These ants will sometimes live in the harborage of larger ants, feeding on their hosts’ young. They are approximately 1/10-inch long and brown. They nest in sidewalk cracks, along curbs, under rocks, under floors, or in walls.


Pharaoh Ant

Only 1/16-inch, these tiny golden-amber ants require a warm climate to survive. They hide their nests in well protected areas such as wall voids. A single colony can support several million worker ants.


Thief Ant

These tiny ants sometimes go undetected for weeks. They earn their title by feeding off the larvae of other ant species. Commonly seen around the kitchen sink or pantry, they also feed on cheeses, greasy foods, and meats.